WEDNESDAY (Oct 7, 2015)


Lung Cancer Screening: Current Status Jeremy Erasmus, MD, FSCBTMR

Detecting Lung Nodules: Challenges and Solutions Geoffrey Rubin, MD, FSCBTMR

Lung Rads: Basics: Reginald Munden, MD, FSCBTMR

Evaluation of Lung Cancer Response: Current Practice and Advances Jeremy Erasmus, MD, FSCBTMR

Thoracic Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterial Infection H. Page McAdams, MD, FSCBTMR

Congenital Lung Lesions Donald Frush, MD, FSCBTMR


Keynote Speaker Paul Chang, MD

Radiology in a Value Based World Neil Rofsky, MD, FSCBTMR

Radiation Safety: The Current State Donald Frush, MD, FSCBTMR

A Primer in Radiology Marketing Reginald Munden, DMD, MD, MBA, FSCBTMR

THURSDAY (Oct 8, 2015)

Challenging Cases on Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate Katarzyna Macura, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR

CT/MRI of Anorectal Neoplams Beyond Rectal Adenocarcinoma Koenraad Mortele, MD, FSCBTMR

Adnexal Incidentalomas Susan Ascher, MD, FSCBTMR

Ovarian Cancer: 2015 Update Srinivasa Prasad, MD, FSCBTMR

Pelvic Floor MR Imaging Jurgen Futterer, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR

10:20 – 11:05 AM WORKSHOPS

Implementing Clinical Decision Support for Body CT and MRI Steven Seltzer, MD, FSCBTMR 

New Theories and Concepts That Will Improve Oncologic Imaging (ALPHA) John Haaga, MD, FSCBTMR 

CT Imaging of Blunt and Penetrating Vascular Trauma W. Dennis Foley, MD, FSCBTMR

11:15 – 12:00 PM WORKSHOPS

Recent Advances in CT Radiation Dose Reduction Techniques William Shuman, MD, FSCBTMR, Kalpana Kanal, PhD, FSCBTMR

Interstitial Lung Disease: Case-Based Review H. Page McAdams, MD, FSCBTMR

MR Elastography of the Liver: Nuts and Bolts Richard Ehman, MD, FSCBTMR, Sudhakar Venkatesh, MD, FSCBTMR


 3:00 – 5:00 PM CARDIOVASCULAR (MR & CT)
Contrast Enhanced MRA of Pulmonary Embolus Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Contrast Enhanced MRA Revisited: The Case for Slowing Down the Contrast Jeffrey Maki, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR
Arterial Spin Labeling in Body MRI ​​​​​Neil Rofsky, MD, FSCBTMR
Coronary CT Angiography: Which Lesions are Significant? Geoffrey Rubin, MD, FSCBTMR
Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms: Imaging and Planning for Surgical, Endovascular,and Hybrid Interventions  ​​​W. Dennis Foley, MD, FSCBTMR
Wide-Detector Axial CT Aortography for TAVR: Impact on Image Quality,Iodine Dose, and Radiation Dose William Shuman, MD, FSCBTMR
MDCT of Mesenteric Ischemia Joel Platt, MD, FSCBTMR


FRIDAY (Oct 9, 2015)

8:00 Iodine or Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents?" FSCBTMR, Reena Jha, MD, Donald Frush, MD, FSCBTMR, Jacob Bieszczad, MD

8:30 What’s New in Renal Mass Evaluation: How to Manage Renal Masses Detected at Non-Contrast CT Stuart Silverman, MD, FSCBTMR

8:45 Role of Imaging in Renal Masses: To Treat or Not to Treat Ivan Pedrosa, MD, FSCBTMR

9:00 Leiomyoma vs. Leiomyosarcoma: Role of MRI Susan Ascher, MD, FSCBTMR

9:15  4D Flow MRI in the Abdomen Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR

9:30  Reduced Iodine Dose Abdomen CTA: Role of kV/keV and CM Concentration Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR

10:20 – 11:05 AM WORKSHOPS

Incidentalomas on Chest CT: Update Reginald Munden, DMD, MD, MBA, FSCBTMR
How to Use the ACR Recommendations for Incidental Findings Lincoln Berland, MD, FSCBTMR
Multiparametric Prostate MRI Vikas Kundra, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR, Katarzyna Macura, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR

11:15 – 12:00 PM WORKSHOPS

Abdominal Dual Energy CT Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR
Improving Interpretive Skills for CT Colonography Judy Yee, MD, FSCBTMR
The Sunshine Law: Staying on the Right Side of Your Relationships with Industry Steven Seltzer, MD, FSCBTMR


SATURDAY (OCT 10, 2015)

Hepatocellular Adenomas: Genetics & Imaging Srinivasa Prasad, MD, FSCBTMR 

Quantitative Biomarkers of Hepatic Iron Overload Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR  

Imaging of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors DECT, MRI, PET, Nuclear Eric Tamm, MD, FSCBTMR

Updated Imaging for Novel Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Desiree Morgan, MD, FSCBTMR

10:15 – 11:00 AM WORKSHOPS

Why You Should Use Diffusion Weighted MR in the Abdomen: Pearls and Pitfalls Frank Miller, MD, FSCBTMR

Abdominal DECT: How to Integrate Into Your Practice Eric Tamm, MD, FSCBTMR, Carlo De Cecco, MD, FSCBTMR

Correlative Imaging of Gallbladder Diseases Hanh Nghiem, MD, FSCBTMR

 11:15 – 12:00 PM WORKSHOPS

How to Introduce Iterative Reconstruction Techniques From Different Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR

 CT Vendors in Your Practice Tumor Response Assessment in Adults: Clinical Trials Marilyn Siegel, MD, FSCBTMR

 Interesting Cases – Multidisciplinary Pancreas Tumor Board Isaac Francis, MBBS, FSCBTMR


Optimizing MR Workflow in Your Practice Ihab Kamel, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR

Musculoskeletal MRI Technical Considerations Garry Gold, MD, FSCBTMR

Solutions for Effective Safety Screening Prior to MRI Ivan Pedrosa, MD, FSCBTMR

MRI of the WristLigaments Kimberly Amrami, MD, FSCBTMR

Sports Related Imaging of the Shoulder Robert Bleakney, MD

Imaging of the Post-Operative Shoulder Labrum Ali Naraghi, MD

Imaging Exertional Leg Pain with MRI Kimberly Amrami, MD, FSCBTMR

SUNDAY (Oct 11, 2015)

Nodal Staging: Pointers for Detection and Characterization Mukesh Harisinghani, MD, FSCBTMR

Pancreas Cysts and Cancer: What is the Relationship? Erik Paulson, MD, FSCBTMR

CT Colonography: Challenges and Solutions Elizabeth McFarland, MD, FSCBTMR

Abdominal Emergencies in the Oncology Patient Richard Gore, MD, FSCBTMR

Dual Energy CT in Oncology: What’s New Carlo De Cecco, MD, FSCBTMR  

Oncologic Percutaneous Intervention: 2015 Update Hanh Nghiem, MD, FSCBTMR

Radiogenomics in Body CT/MR King Li, MD, MBA, FSCBTMR

 10:20 – 11:05 AM WORKSHOPS

Upper and Lower Extremity CTA: Techniques and Tips Vassilios Raptopoulos, MD, FSCBTMR

Pseudotumors in the Musculoskeletal System Lynne Steinbach, MD, FSCBTMR

 11:15 – 12:00 PM WORKSHOPS

CT Colonography Clinical Case Review Elizabeth McFarland, MD, FSCBTMR

Current Updates in Pediatric Large Airway Disorders with MDCT and MRI Edward Lee, MD, FSCBTMR

Imaging the Patient Following Pancreatic Surgery Erik Paulson, MD, FSCBTMR







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