SCBT-MR 40th Annual Course: Day 1
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This stream will not include CME.

CT Technical Advances  
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Welcome, President’s Address & Program Committee Update

Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR; Garry Gold, MD, FSCBTMR

Advances in CT Technology

Hans-Christoph Becker, MD

CT Iterative Reconstruction Techniques

Kalpana Kanal, PhD, FSCBTMR

Oral/IV Considerations For New CT Technologies

Dushyant Sahani, MD, FSCBTMR

Steroid Preps: New Data Motivating New Policy

Matthew Davenport, MD, FSCBTMR

Abdominal & Bowel Imaging  
3:15 pm – 5:00 pm

Debate: “CTE vs MRE for IBD”

Michael Gee, MD, PhD, Joel Platt, MD, FSCBTMR (CT), Avinash Kambadakone Ramesh, MD, FSCBTMR, Manohar Roda, MD, Abhijit Roychowdhury, MD, Andrew Hardie, MD, FSCBTMR, Michael Federle, MD, FSCBTMR

Small Bowel Obstruction: When to Worry?

Erik Paulson, MD, FSCBTMR

Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions of the Mesentery
and Omentum

Isaac Francis, MB: BS, FSCBTMR


Elizabeth McFarland, MD, FSCBTMR

MRI of Rectal Cancer

Ihab Kamel, MD, PhD, FSCBTMR

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