Dear Friends of the Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI),

I hope each of you and your families are safe and well in this time of great global challenge and uncertainty. We have all struggled and sacrificed in small and large ways, as we have faced this pandemic together. 

As the pandemic exploded around us in mid-March, I was inspired by the writings of Richie Davidson, a leading authority on wellness and compassion. 

One thing that strikes me as notable is that we are being asked to practice ‘social distancing’ - to stay home and cancel everything. This is a compelling opportunity to recognize that … social distancing is … an act of generosity and compassion toward others … Let that sink in – the primary motivation for social distancing is to benefit others.” – Richie Davidson, PhD


Opportunity, generosity and compassion. These are important words that have driven so much of what we do as medical professionals and members of the larger community. Thank you for all that you have been doing, whether serving on the front line, reading exams remotely, educating our learners through innovative remote venues, leading dramatic operational changes in your organization, or by supporting loved ones at home.

We at SABI are with you in this struggle. Be sure to lean on your network of friends and colleagues within SABI, as we continue our collective goal of furthering health care through advanced medical imaging. I am pleased to note that the society is working to provide you up-to-date information to help manage the COVID crisis (eg. Webinar on COVID-19 by Dr. Ella Kazerooni), and SABI has just released a series of twenty lectures from recent annual meetings to enhance our educational mission during these difficult times.  

At this moment, we also remain hopeful that the 2020 SABI Annual Meeting in New Orleans this October will continue as planned. Our program chair and President-Elect, Dr. Beth McFarland has led the creation of an outstanding program, beginning with an Artificial Intelligence workshop we are very excited to bring to you. Many thanks to all faculty who have graciously agreed to present and enhance our program. Given the enormous uncertainty regarding all forms of travel and gatherings, please rest assured that SABI executive team and Board of Directors are monitoring the situation very closely, and we will update you as the situation unfolds.

In the meantime, please reach out to your friends at SABI to let us know how we can help you, your trainees, and your patients. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, comments or feedback, or just to let us know how you are managing. None of us are alone in this.

As we all face continuing uncertainty, I remain unshakable in my certainty about a positive future for both the global community and for our smaller SABI community.  We shall persevere as we continue in solidarity in our mission of innovation, education, mentoring and inclusiveness. This mission has never been more important.

Be well and be safe.

With best wishes,
Scott B. Reeder, MD, PhD, FSABI
President, SABI