Posters - 2014 Annual Meeting 


Incidence and Significance of
Intussusception at the Jejunojejunal
Anastomosis in Roux-en Y Gastric
By Pass Patients

Varun S. Bhandarkar, MD 

Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Complications
Michael Destefano M.D


Endoluminal Contrast For Abdomen
and Pelvis MRI:
When,Where, and How?

Mohit Gupta, MD

Utility of MR Imaging in the Pregnant
Patient with Non-obstetric Abdominal Pain

Megan Hora, MD

Comprehensive Review of Adult T-Cell

Andrew Kesselman, MD

Imaging of Latrogenic Bile Duct Injuries
Ryan Penticuff BS

When Communication is Key: 10
Chest-related Scenarios that
Should Prompt Immediate Discussion

Bakes KS, Moore WH

Retroperitoneal Mass: Distinguishing
Sarcomas from Mimickers
Megan Hora, MD

Quantification of Hepatic Elasticity:
Technology and Applications.
JoSeph L McDevitt, BA

 Costal Cartilage Injury in Acute
Matthew O' Brien MD

Imaging of Winter Sports Related
Injuries of the Upper Extremity
Laura Miller, MD


 MRA of Vascular Complications
Following Liver Transplantation
Joseph L McDevitt, BA


Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors:
An Overview
Katie Mason, MD


What a Mesh! A Radiologist's Guide
to MR Imaging of Pelvic
Floor Surgical Repair
Gaurav Khatri MD