We can't thank you enough for attending SCBT-MR'S Annual Meeting.  We hope that you left Denver with new information and friends in Body Imaging.
We announced our new name at our 2019 Annual Meeting, and we believe that it more accurately describes what the Society has always been focused on: translating advanced imaging technologies into innovative new ways to practice body imaging.  We are grateful so many of you were there for the announcement and to celebrate with us. SABI will continue every effort to bring you high quality educational, informative, and worthwhile events. 

Direct Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation of Liver Lesions with an MR-Compatible Localization Device    
Dr. Victoria Rendell    

Vascular Deformation Mapping: A New Technique for Three-dimensional Growth Mapping in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm    
Dr. Nicholas Burris  
Resoundant Innovation Award   
GagCEST as a Viable Tool for Detecting Differences in Healthy and Osteoarthritic Cartilage at 3T    
Dr. Elka Rubin    

Reproducibility of Radiomics Features Using Single-Energy Dual-Source CT:  Influence of Radiation Dose and CT Reconstruction Settings Within the Same Patient    
Dr. Mathias Meyer 
Young Investigator  
Body composition change measured by CT imaging and survival in patients with pancreatic cancer    
Dr. Lei yu    

More Science-HCC Session    
Publicly Transparent Outcome Data for CT Guided Lung Biopsies; a Patient Centered Approach    
Dr. Geoffrey Miller  

Even More Science -Response to Therapy Session   
Repeatability and Reproducibility of Confounder-Corrected R2* as a Biomarker of Liver Iron Concentration: Interim Results from a Multi-Center, Multi-Vendor Study at 1.5T and 3T
Dr Diego Hernando 

Magna Cum Laude 
Reference Atlas of Power Injectable Medical Access Ports on Chest X-Ray: A Supplemental Guide to Successful Identification at Referral Centers    Dr.Huy Do    

Magna Cum Laude 
Accurate diagnosis in prostate mp-MRI: Know your pitfalls and avoid unnecessary biopsies!    
Dr. Vlad Bura  

Magna Cum Laude
ntraductal Papillary Neoplasm of the Bile Duct: Radiology-Pathology correlation    
Dr. Jack Conner 

Cum Laude
Estimating Quantitative Lobar and Zonal Pulmonary Perfusion from Dual Energy CT Pulmonary Angiography:  Accuracy and Applications in Pulmonary Embolism     
Dr. Ramandeep Singh 

Cum Laude 
Assessment of Liver Surface Nodularity, Sarcopenia and Visceral Obesity as Predictors of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in African Americans    
Dr. Elliot Varney 

Cum Laude 
Renal Mass Characterization with Dual-Energy CT using the Iodine Quantification Technique from a Dual-Layer Spectral CT Platform
Dr. Sherry Wang 

Cum Laude
Evaluating for primary malignancy in patients with solitary and multiple brain lesions: the diagnostic value of CT chest, abdomen, and pelvis    
Dr. Richard Rothman



N. Reed Dunnick, MD
Fred Jenner Hodges Professor, Radiology
Division of Abdominal Radiology
Michigan Medicine
Jeffrey Weinreb, MD
Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Yale School of Medicine



John Bennett is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation Initiatives at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus, where he directs Inworks, a new initiative that helps faculty, students, researchers and clinicians create and innovate across widely disparate disciplinary boundaries. Learn More