Dear Colleagues,

As events in the United States over the past week once again reveal that we require further progress in healing our racial disparities and inequalities, all members of the Board of the Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI) emphatically and unambiguously stand alongside and support our nation’s communities of color. Although it may seem that we are merely a Society of body imagers, we are also physicians and leaders, and we submit that we all shoulder the responsibility and a duty to support peaceful and proactive change towards achieving real justice for all.

As body imagers, clinical researchers, and innovators, we firmly believe that a diversity of racial and ethnic backgrounds improves our research pursuits and work towards clinical excellence. The Society actively welcomes all who value our professional community’s diversity and inclusiveness. We hold the contributions of our Black and Brown colleagues in the highest regard, and support and encourage you to play ever-larger roles in shaping our field. Indeed, one recent study (Hofstra et al.) has found that Ph.D. students from demographically underrepresented backgrounds produce more novel contributions to medical science – and yet experience less career success.

Looking to support a community of diverse and talented individuals with a common goal of advancing all body imaging, the Board will be actively looking at opportunities to recognize further the important contributions of minority groups to our Society.  Please let the SABI Board know if there are other tangible ways in which we can support you. Please also correct us as necessary so we can all grow in our cultural competency and understanding.

For our Fellows, Members and In-training Members who are immigrants to the United States, who are studying here or reside in other nations, we empathize that recent events in America have instilled in all of us a prevailing sense of rightly placed anger and frustration towards the unfairness that has been endemic here. Our country has prided itself as a land of opportunity, and SABI genuinely wants to see those same opportunities equally available to everyone.

As injustices are recognized and acknowledged, and more and more of us demand fairness and contribute to the solution, we remain hopeful for our future.


Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, FSABI, FISMRM
President, Society for Advanced Body Imaging

Scott B Reeder MD, PhD

Elizabeth G McFarland, MD

Joel F Platt, MD
Vice President

Ivan Pedrosa, MD, PhD


Brian R. Herts, MD

Desiree E. Morgan, MD
Chief Membership Officer

Susan M Ascher MD
​Immediate Past Pres.

Aarti K. Sekhar, MD
Member at Large

Eric Tamm, MD
​JCAT Director